New ham satellite

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New ham satellite

New England Antenna began inand has been in business for 71 years! That alone, should say something about our service. A small business can only last that long by providing quality workmanship and service.

Our name, New England Antenna Service, implies a large corporate type of organization; but we are actually a family-owned and operated business with a history of quality service since When you do business with us, you are dealing with the owners of the company who understand that the reason we have been in business for so long, is because we care about the integrity of our workmanship and the courteous treatment of our customers. Our number one goal is a satisfied customer. We take great pride in providing quality products and customer satisfaction.

We do the job right! Whether you need a large commercial system, or just need your entertainment equipment connected to your TV, we can help. Someone is usually in the office to answer questions Monday through Friday. If you miss us, you can leave a name and number, and we will call you back in the late afternoon or early evening.

Be sure to leave a daytime and evening number. If you prefer to communicate electronically, you can use our Contact form. Skip to main content. Home Antenna Contact. Welcome to New England Antenna.

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We Accept Major Credit Cards. How to Contact Us.How hard is it to build a ground station to communicate with people via a satellite? Probably not as hard as you think. It turns out that a cheap Chinese radio is all you need on the radio side. You do, however, benefit from having a bit of an antenna. Some do radio astronomy, others bounce signals off the moon or meteors. Still, designing and operating a ham radio station in space is no small feat, but it has been done many times with each generation of satellite becoming more and more sophisticated.


Back in the s and s, tracking when the satellite was overhead was a major task, but the modern ham just needs a cell phone app. In fact, this video dispels a lot of ham stereotypes.

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The second video below shows a much more typical pass with the same kind of setup. If you want to see what results you can get with a more modest antenna, check out this video.

In addition to satellites built by hams, some have started life doing a different task and been taken over by hams later. I just 3D printed my first telescoping yagi antenna, telescoping antenna element piece I designed using SolidWorks for the first time with double checking over the holidays with the free OnShape Student server side app. I used for the first time too.

new ham satellite

However, this is suitable for the telescoping boom and folding telescoping antenna elements goal I wanted for overboard picky mechanical antenna tuning capabilities.

The plan is to etch the optimal tuned lengths into the boom and antenna elements and color code for each frequency relative position. I have found the Heavens Above smartphone app and website to work well for pass predictions.

You can also listen to the recordings made by the various SATNOGS ground stations of each sattelites transmission, and even decode digital transmissions using the audio file and the relevant software.

Of course, a long term goal is a satellite in a higher orbit, to get more than a few minutes use at a time. Of course, it may still be under test, and the coverage does not include North America. Easy to track — just look up into the sky! Hams used to bounce the signal off the moon — unsurprisingly it was called moon-bounce.

We still use the moon, but it takes a FB rig to make that happen on both sides. As the vids show, the CubeSats make space comms more accessible. That takes a setup with a bit more power than your standard HT… but people still do it…. Shameless self promotion, I built a Mhz beam antenna from threaded rod with a view to add some parasitic elements later on for satelite work:.

Suggest you not buy those. Buy a Yaesu, Kenwood or Icom and know you have a well-designed product that will perform as the manufacturer claims.

All About Ham Satellites

They are ok entrylevel radios for playing around. Not that the entrylevel transceivers from them arent a good value. Think less 26year old engineer or 65year old retiree and more like a 16year old high school student attempting to get in to the hobby.

The difference between 25eur and eur matters. At the same time, baofengs are not the best radios out there, you really do get what you pay for. But you get a lot of radio for that 25eur. I usually demonstrate adjacent channel rejection and out of band rejection when I teach the licence class about receiver architectures to show how Low-IF and Zero-IF radios differ from traditional superhets.

By putting a baofeng Low-IFwouxun traditional superhet, but cheap and a motorola traditional superhet, expensive UHF radio side by side on Some baofengs start to produce noise even across the room, the wouxun when you hold the radio less than 15cm away and the motorola does nothing.

If it was all about performance I would agree with you. Use what you can afford and upgrade later when you can if you want to.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what. Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities.

We will get through this together. Updated: August 11, References. Amateur Radio has been a supreme way of communications for many ways of getting messages from one place to another for decades!

Many antennas have been invented simply by necessity. Spark Gap Transmitters were used around the time of the great disaster of the Titanic. Wireless is what they called it back then, and still to this day, wire antennas are sending signals out on the airways. Amateur radio has progressed, and continually changed since the spark gap transmitters of that time.

Communications Satellites

High voltage coils were used for their power, and it systematically sent out the familiar "dits" and "dahs" of Morse Code, and the party or parties, at the other end who could read Morse Code wrote the symbols down, and they made words. A fantastic, and fascinating way of communication, and yet, it was primitive enough to look back on from this date, and say that was one fantastic communications tool.

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We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. As the COVID situation develops, our hearts ache as we think about all the people around the world that are affected by the pandemicOver websites allow you to listen to ham radio online.

There are two main " flavors " of technology offering this free service. I recommend the Firefox browser instead. With its unrestricted autoplay of sound, it will let you listen to stations on a WebSDR system. In addition, Firefox is the most secure of all browsers. The links below will actually take you to sites where you can listen to amateur radio communicating with each other around the world.

The "live" links will let you hear ham radio operators using every imaginable mode of communication The list of modes is nearly endless because new ones are experimented with regularly.

The "dead" links have been left in their inactive state to let you know that they might be reactivated by their respective owner. When that becomes the case, I will reactivate the links and you will have access to these reactivated resources. If you find a "dead" link here, please let me know. I will try to reactivate it. If unable, I will remove it from this page. The software server lets many users simultaneously tune the SDR to different frequencies to listen to.

There is an ever increasing number of servers being activated. Here is a small sample:. OpenWebRX is Linux software. You might find their user interface UI more user friendly. It's a matter of taste. These receiver-servers make it possible for anyone to listen to ham radio online.

It is also possible to listen to other radio broadcasting stations on HF. The majority of OpenWebRX installations allow a maximum of four listeners. You will find one in most countries of the world.

Here are just a few examples. Be patient. Some of them are often busy! Classic receivers can only be tuned to one listening frequency at any given time.

Most sites let you tune the radio to a different frequency and listen to ham radio online for a few minutes. I am sharing this fitting video with you in these most challenging times. Let's keep the communication channels open while, by civic duty, we must maintain a vital physical distance from our fellow me…. Read More. To my chagrin.

Ham Radio Satellites! Everything you need to know from theory to tactics!

Puerto Rico's mag 6. FTC Required Disclosure : If you make a purchase via a link on this site, I may receive a small commission on the transaction - at no added cost to you.

Thank you! Hams Online. Ham Receiver.Nonhams usually are pretty surprised to find out about ham radio satellites. Imagine — do-it-yourself satellites! As of early25 active satellites were providing ham-to-ham communications or supporting the scientific experiments of student teams by sending telemetry back to Earth. Most amateur satellites are located in near-circular low Earth orbit, circling the planet several a times each day.

Molniya is lightning in Russian and is the name given to a Russian fleet of communications satellites that travel in elliptical orbits. For practical and regulatory reasons, satellite transmissions are restricted to the bands on 15 and 10 meters and to the 2 meter, 70 cm, and microwave bands at MHz and higher. Knowing where a particular satellite is in space allows you to operate through it.

Transponder: A transponder listens on a range of frequencies on one band, translates those signals to a different band, and retransmits them in real time. Repeater: Just like terrestrial repeaters, repeater satellites listen and receive on a specific pair of channels. Satellite repeaters are crossband, meaning that their input and output frequencies are on different bands.

Digital: Digital satellites can act as bulletin boards or as store-and-forward systems. You can access both types of digital satellites by using regular packet radio protocols and equipment. Store-and-forward satellites act as message gateways, accepting messages and downloading them to a few control stations around the world. The control stations also pass messages back up to the satellites that are downloaded by ground-based users. Digital satellites are very useful to hams at sea or in remote locations.

Telemetry: Many student teams and other noncommercial groups whose members have licenses, like all other hams use amateur radio frequencies to build small satellites called CubeSats, which are launched into low Earth orbit as a group when a commercial satellite launch has spare payload capacity.

Each CubeSat measures something or performs some interesting function and then sends a stream of digital data telemetry back to Earth. A CubeSat may or may not be controllable by telecommand from a ham station on Earth.

CubeSats typically operate for less than a month; then they gradually reenter the atmosphere and burn up. Click the Sat Status link to get complete information about what each satellite does and its current operational status.

To access satellites, you also need a satellite tracking program.

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Several of these programs, including free and shareware trackers, are listed at The DXZone. AMSAT also provides several professional-quality tracking and satellite operation programs. How to Operate Ham Radio via Satellite.Forgot Password? All the satellites use Amateur Radio frequencies and hams have been invited to participate in their missions by monitoring and collecting data. After their scientific missions are complete, the satellites will be reconfigured to function as digipeater relays for Amateur Radio use as part of the Automatic Packet Reporting System APRS.

The primary objective of the mission is to use an onboard radar receiver in conjunction with a powerful radar station in Alaska to study the formation of a plasma anomaly known for causing the scintillation of radio signals in the UHF and higher bands. Using the call sign RAX-1, the satellite will send telemetry at Amateurs are invited to download the free telemetry decoding software for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux and submit reports at the mission Web site.

It will also monitor changes in four classes of organic molecules as they are exposed to space conditions. NanoSail-D2 is a solar sail experiment with an expected lifetime of about days. It carries a data beacon transmitting at Amateurs are asked to submit reports at the NanoSail-D2 Web site.

Having Trouble? Secure Site Login Forgot Password? Photo Gallery An artist concept Back to Top Having Trouble? Bandplan Eclectic.The ham radio receiver of the 21st century is mostly software. How SDR Works. The SDR Revolution.

new ham satellite

The small SDR hardware pictured above is an entry-level unit. When paired with free SDR software running on a PCit can serve as a beginner's ham radio receiver or as a standby receiver for an amateur radio station. Out of the many features and advantages of a quality SDR receiver, I especially like its effectiveness in picking extremely weak signals out of the noise and surrounding interference.

One can narrow down the bandpass filter to just enough for the signal one wants to receive. The SDR filters are truly like "brick walls" that one can erect around the wanted signal. Best of all, there is no annoying "ringing" on top! Just a pure signal. First, as with any other radio receiver, the antenna is connected to the SDR's "hardware" RF front-end.

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Its purpose is to However, an increasing number of SDR projects are now turning to the Linux open source operating system which offers On top of its higher performance and flexibility, a SDR offers ham radio operators the neat advantage of being able to add new functions and features to their ham radio receiver at no cost! All you have to do is download and install the latest version of the SDR software and presto! You have a brand new ham radio receiver.

Choosing one of the many ham radio receivers on the market can be an intimidating experience, especially if you are an aspiring ham or just beginning.

new ham satellite

The ham radio receiver you choose should ideally meet your present and future needs. Frankly, I would recommend that your first Your first or last communications receiver will have helped you discover what you really want out of a receiver. Sooner or later, you will end up leafing through online catalogs and roaming the Internet in search of the "ideal receiver". Might as well choose a receiver that can and will change as your needs and preferences change with experience.

What kind of receiver can keep up with you? When you buy a SDR receiver from a responsible manufacturer, software upgrades will be free of charge. WB5RVZ will give you all the introductory information you need to get started. His website is extremely well done.

But, like every new technology, prices go down fast and what you could not afford eight months to a year ago Keep in mind that a well designed SDR receiver will give you performance approaching that of hardware-only ham radio receivers that cost thousands of dollars more! Windows was designed to run one application - by one person - at any given time. Therefore, some of the major ham radio SDR players are working on porting their SDR to true multi-user and multitasking operating systems such as:.

Hardware only receivers limit you to what you bought and force you to buy the new models to get the extra features you want! On the other hand, and fortunately SDR lets you upgrade your ham radio receiver to include new features as they become available. It's simple. You just download and install the new software version. In almost all cases these upgrades are free of charge! This last statement is very significant because, let's face it, the Web had been eroding the ranks of ham radio for years by diverting the attention of potential new recruits away from amateur radio.

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One piece of electronic equipment that certainly has earned its place in the shack is the personal computer PC. Some, like me, also use Macs and its OS X operating system for its ease of use - not to mention. One of the most successful uses of a PC in the shack has been to use one as graphical interface GUI to control the the operating functions of our beloved transceiver!


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