Best romance isekai manhwa

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Best romance isekai manhwa

Ah, love is in the air. Typically most people think of amazing romance stories coming from anime and manga. Thus why to make sure you folks have some variety in your life we are presenting you with our Top 10 Romance Manhwa. Everything from semi-taboo romances, classic high school love and romance from seemingly odd encounters line our top 10 romance manhwa list. We really had to hold back some tears while reading some of these as well as the tales within can sometimes get truly deep.

For several strangers, their lives are filled with harsh moments. Menga is constantly bullied for just trying to be a good vice rep. Na Hong Soo is the known troublemaker and is constantly having issues with others. Instead of being focused on one romance plot, H20 by the manhwaga Hwang, Sook Ji focuses on several. What always worries us about multiple character plots is that occasionally one story feels weaker than another.

However, Hwang Sook Ji must have worried about that as well and made sure to give all the characters equal opportunity in this story. H20 looks incredible and the story will be sure to appeal a wide array of readers. Definitely a fitting start for our great romance manhwa list.

People claim long distance relationships are the hardest romances to make work. Well for Jay Jin and J. Max this will be the legacy of their romance.

Max happens to a foreigner with some business in South Korea.

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Meanwhile, Jay Jin is your typical artist who is willing to prove to the world she has the talent to make it big. One meeting in a hotel lobby will begin these two romance plot but with so many barriers between them can they make it work? Romance stories sometimes have one or two small boundaries for the characters to deal with in their stories. Jay and J. As they say love can defeat all opposition, well is that really true for these two? They say that broken hearts mend with time.

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Well for Do-hee Woo and Hae-Gyung Kim their past relationships may be what ends up bringing them together. Each day, both of these people go to the same restaurant to eat alone—Suddenly they find themselves drawn to one another and a friendship is forged. Soon as the days pass, both Do-hee and Hae-Gyung are about to realize that from the friendship something else is beginning to blossom. Can these two broken souls have their hearts mended?

30 Top Manhwa (Korean Webtoons) That You Should Check Out (2020)

Shall we Have Dinner Tonight written by the manhwaga Park See-In is one of those stories that we can empathize with and probably most who have suffered a broken heart in the past can as well.

While it may only be three volumes long, this is one of those romance manhwa that by the end will stay with you for a few days—even weeks like it did with us. Go right now and try Shall we Have Dinner Tonight—then drop a comment telling us thank you for recommending it to you.

In a last ditch effort to prevent any more damage, the villagers marry off Soah to the Water God, sacrificing her. The Water God saves Soah and brings her to his kingdom. Now with a new future ahead for Soah, can these two find romance despite one being a god and the other a regular human girl?If you have already read enough manga and what to look at what Manhwa has to offer or you just simply want to check out some good webtoons then this post is very much for you.

Here is the list of 25 top Manhwa Korean Webtoons for you to check out. As these are some of the best webtoons you must have already heard about them from your friends. You can read all of the webtoons for free at Line Webtoons. To make it easier for you, we have made a comprehensive post listing websites where you can read webtoons in English.

This manhwa revolves around Leon Mori one of the most relatable high school students who is bored with his life and school. The only person he interacts with is his middle school tutor, stand in guardian and now teacher, Ami.

Obviously enough he has a secret crush on her. Leon has synaesthesia so he can see sounds in colors and there is this dream that keeps recurring. The fear creeps in his life and even the difference between his dreams and reality is blurred. Soon Leon realizes that there might be more to this situation then what is in front of eyes. He is drawn into an organization Catharsis which helps ordinary people combat their demons which are their fears and insecurities.

best romance isekai manhwa

A psychological manhwa, with the relatable and realistic protagonist. He is likable because of his sensibility.

The art style is great and unique. The author supports the tale with fine pacing and does take time in introducing new aspects of character development. An enjoyable read for anyone into horror and psychological genres. This manhwa is surprisingly unpopular. The plot is known yet pretty original. It is about how unknown things start coming to earth and in this apocalypse high school students have no choice but to fight for the safety of others.

The writer Ha Il-Kwon is quite a talented artist, all his works are likable and utterly unique in genres or in plotting. The most prominent part of this manhwa is the character build-up.

The story starts with the whole class going into the army with our protagonist Kim Chi-yeol. The characters thus are vivid and individualistic. The MC is also not a badass and all the more powerful or highly intelligent. The story is set on a realistic base and so are the characters including the protagonist.

The whole plot dwells with loss, fear, relationships and other such psychological aspects. The ending was bittersweet and justified. The art style is well recognizable if you know of the author but individually you might find it comparatively simple and messy.

In all this is an extremely good manhwa. Unlike how other titles on this list are portraying weak main characters who gradually or suddenly grew into an OP being, in this manhwa the main character already has many talents. He grew up to his state all by himself by using his usual knowledge. Thus, paving a way for himself under other strong people and makes a name for himself.

This webtoon follows our real world where one day suddenly tombs came into existence. These tombs consist of various relics that were all-powerful and soon the motion of getting into tombs, surviving the odds and achieving power, breaks into the world.Manwha has become popular because of the colorful panels, engaging plots and diverse characters. Whether it be a boy who has been run over by a semi-truck and is brought into a fantasy world or a girl who is reincarnated as the villainess of a storybook, isekai contains tons of unique ideas.

This list is going to tell you about 10 of the best isekai manga for fans of manga to read. It was created as a promotional one-shot to promote the novel of the same name.

Have you ever wanted to be reincarnated in another world as the female protagonist of an erotic game? Well, here's your chance to experience it first hand. He happens to be suffering from a curse that turns him into a monster, as well. But when the plot is tangled because of her, what will happen to the original story? The story centers on year-old Adelaide, our red-haired protagonist.

When she hears that a dimensional traveler has arrived at the imperial palace, she becomes excited at the prospect of adventure to shake up her ordinary and boring life. After attending a ball and falling in love with said traveler, Felix, she decides to make a deal with him to become his fake fiance in order to keep another girl from stealing his heart.

Those searching for a strong female lead are sure to enjoy this isekai with a dash of romance. When our protagonist, Han Jihan, realizes he has become a video game character in the real world his life gets a whole lot more complicated. He gains the ability to level up akin to characters in a video game, although no one realizes this besides his best friend, Shin Seon-II at first.

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The story also introduces other ability users, battles between them, and of course, a secret organization the heroes must defeat. Do you enjoy girls who know about mixed martial arts?


When Shin Eu Hye, dubbed the strongest woman in the world as well as the Champion of Mixed Martial Arts, awakens to find that all of her muscles are gone and she transformed into a beautiful woman, she's confused yet delighted at the same time. Because no man wanted to date her because she was strong, she couldn't find a boyfriend -- but now that she appears normal, she sets out to find one.

best romance isekai manhwa

Although the plot is vain, the art and plot are compelling as well as her finding out why she was reincarnated. This is a manwha that has been translated into various languages, so if you want to support the author, be sure to read it legally.

The story follows a young woman named Canaria who has been reincarnated as the villain of a cheesy romance novel. When she discovers she's destined to be executed by her husband, her goal is simple: get divorced before she can be murdered. But when she happens to fall in love with her husband and problems arise, her goal becomes more complicated than she once thought. Here's another manwha that's officially translated into English!

It's important to support the authors, so remember to do so and not read the illegal scanlations.So The new year of is just about to come and their are speculations started to come which manga may turn out to take out the top spot this year both in the biggest number of sales and also in acquiring more fan following. I had think about this and had made some list on the manga which may take out the top manga of but I had specifically though which manga could take the top spot in a particular genra the isekai genre.

This is just my speculations and I want all your opinion which webtoonmanhwa or manga in this list or any other manga may take the Spot. With the webtoon coming top on this list the gamer is going to be the best in the isekai genre as this is a manga which has reached a really great fan following in the previous year and also was very good and had many major twist in the story the previous year and any manga which has a really good story and not keep repeating the same story is about to come on top the list.

The gamer is a story about jihan who has acquired the power like a game character from Gia the earth and because of which his life has turned out be like a game characterHis power converts everything in his life to like a game feature which make him gain abilities from anything realating to clean utensilswashing to defeating monsters and acquire many skil like fire resistanceExperience and powerful materials.

The story of the gamer is keep progressing forward and had put many new functions in he story which will make the fan sticked to the manga and acquire many more fans so the year is going to be very properous for The Gamer. It is to me the top isekai manga of Solo Leveling is a new manhwa and had became one of my favourite manga in this month december it has a really great manga with great story and a story which seem very similar to re monsterthe gamerand also from that time i got reincarnated as a slime as this manga revolve around in a world where a door to the other world has been openend and many people in the world as acquired many strange power due to it.

The are called as Hunter and our Hero in this story is also a hunter but among the hunter he is regarded as the weakest hunter alive and in during an raid he dies and the story starts to take place from there. He got revived no one knows how but with this he had got reawakended he also got the same kinds of power like the gamer as he has also became an gamer character and can now be regarded as a cheat character in the world.

The story now turns the weakest hunter alived to the strongest hunter and therefore this manga has great potential and may even take a top spot in the top isekai list this year With solo leveling currnetly at the end of december is on the top spot on top 10 isekai manga with 5 million viewers it may turn out to be a big hit in the year A manhwa again with the same gamer attribute where you are a game character in your world and where you get all games charactyer like abilities like leveling upequipmentmonster fights, monster drops items and such but even then each of these stories has their own interest points.

Hardcore leveling hero is also can be called as isekai manga as the player gets transfered to an different universe whenever they fall asleep through an game application on their phones and this is not to a virual reality world to an completely other universe.

The hero of the hardcore leveling hero manga is a player who was once the top player of this game but due to someone by betraying him had him lose all his power and equipment and rise back again to the top with taking his revenge on that person.

best romance isekai manhwa

That time I got reincarnated as a slime is also a manga where the main character got reincarnated in the other universe but what makes it different than many manga is that the main character is reborn as a slime. And in most stories and games the slime is regarded as the weakest monster out there and this is not the case with the hero he has more magic power held inside of him than calamities of that world. The slime had got an unique skill from the goddess and had acquired great sage skill and also devour skill which make him capable of acquiring the abilities of thing which he eats and this is how he keep becoming stronger he made Veldora a dragon who is regarded as the strongest in that world as his friends and starts his journey to free him from the heros cage.

This manga of isekai genre has also got a anime version of itself in the year and had already acquired a fame for itself and with its anime the fan following of it is rising to the skies and since now even more people who are not much of a manga reader but an anime viewer has loved this series and if the fan follow stays the same no other manga can put it out of the top isekai list of Naofumi Iwatani, an uncharismatic Otaku who spends his days on games and manga, suddenly finds himself summoned to a parallel universe!

He discovers he is one of four heroes equipped with legendary weapons and tasked with saving the world from its prophesied destruction. As the Shield Hero, the weakest of the heroes, all is not as it seems.

Naofumi is soon alone, penniless, and betrayed. With no one to turn to, and nowhere to run, he is left with only his shield.They are all about a protagonist being reborn to a parallel universe. The story and art are pretty amazing!

She needs a plan to escape her tragic fate! The Heroine is incredibly cute and her antics are just simply funny and adorable! Status: Ongoing Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Historical, Drama Plot: Aristia who was born to be the next Empress of Castina Empire, was cast aside to become a lower Queen and was despised by his beloved Emperor all because of the appearance of a mysterious girl from another world.

She tried to live her miserable life as a lower queen but ended up being sentenced to death by the emperor. Now, a second chance has appeared for her, what will she do to prevent such tragedy to strike again?

She just simply went back in time. It gives me the same feel as Who Made Me A Princess but this one has more drama and the protagonist is also in strong and intelligent with lotsa common sense! Oh and expect some drama and some betrayal. You gotta ready some tissues! In her second life, reborn in Earth, she lived as a talented surgeon, redeeming herself from the things she did in her past by saving epople.

Top 10 Isekai Manga [Best Recommendations]

Unfortunately, her now happy life was cut short by a plane crash and has now sent her back in her past life! But this time, she will change everything by becoming a Doctor of the Kingdom. Will she successfully avoid her unfortunate fate of becoming Queen? Thoughts: Okaaay this one is a very interesting manhwa!

Those who work in the medical field, just like me, will really be motivated and surely empathize with her. Status: Ongoing Main story is completed but tons of side stories to enjoy!! When the Emperor is killed by a mysterious assassin, Sabina must face the poisonous circle of other candidates in a battle for the royal seat. Can she attract the loyalty and affection of the men and women she needs on her side to survive?

Thoughts: Compared to the first three, this one has more romance. Esp because the heroine is such a badass while the male lead is also a badass but is srsly fluffy imo. Status: Ongoing Genre: Romance, Comedy, Historical, Fantasy, Isekai Plot: Eunha, a soon-to-be college student had met her sudden end when a mysterious person sent her flying off the building. To change her story she needs a cover!! But will this cold-hearted, angel-faced demon of a man really help her avoid another ill-fated ending?!

Thoughts: Easily one of my favorites! The interaction between the Duke and Raeli is really entertaining!

Top 10 Romance Manhwa [Best Recommendations]

The art is also nice and the characters have really interesting personalities and backgrounds! You really should give it a read and look forwards to some action from the lady herself!

If you like a long read then I suggest this one. However, I find the story to be a bit slow-paced tbh. Status: Ongoing Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Historical, Isekai Plot: She was reincarnated as the villain of a fantasy novel, an evil empress who made people suffer and was soon executed. Now to avoid her tragic fate, she plans to peacefully divorce her 12 year old husband, the prince!

Thoughts: I seriously love this manhwa! One day her life made a full turn when she recovered memories of her past life as 23 year old Seo Young, and when her mother claimed that she was the illegitimate child of the Duke! Thoughts: This is also a good read! Oh and you might have noticed that all of them are webtoons! Webtoons have good art and stories lately!Okay so after several months I finally made my second entry [wooh!

Congrats to me!! But even in the world of fantasy novels, her role is no different. Stuck as the childhood friend of the heroine, her normal everyday life comes to an end, as she gets entangled with the oh-so beautiful main-characters she oh-so wishes to avoid.

This is instantly one of my faves and one of my top picks so far. The story is also a bit different compared to the other Isekai genre stories.

The plot basically rotates around how the female lead is struggling with her existence in the novel world and her relationship with each character. But I swear this manhwa has so far made me laugh, sad, angry, and did I say laugh??

Status: Ongoing Genre: Isekai, Romance, Shoujo, Historical, Drama Plot: After making a deal with God, she is reincarnated into a new world fully ready to dedicate her life to her younger sibling.

And also the plot is pretty much unique as well. Have you??? And with the recent update, it seems like this story will also tackle on the issues within the church and the kingdom. Hmm very interesting indeed! Plot: With a broken heart, Hwayoung falls headfirst into the river by accident but wakes up as the infamous villainess, Satiana Altisee Kaylon. Coming to terms with her new life as sole daughter of House Kaylon, Satiana is soon chosen as a candidate for the next empress!

In the palace full of schemers and liars, she must become a cold-blooded villainess to win her royal seat by the crown prince — or her new family will face grave danger!

Will being perfectly evil really be enough? I got hooked to the point of actually reading raws! Really gets your blood boiling lol! When she woke up from her dream, she was determined to reshape her future, realizing that she had plenty of time before the crucial turning point. Thus, she begins her journey to change her dark future. Thoughts: Okay so this story is also an interesting one. Lucia kicks ass in a different way! Using her magic to die, she instead accidentallyreverses the age of her body to a young child and starts a second life as Aria Lissen.

She had a fulfilling life in her first lifetime, except for one tiny regret. Thoughts: Okay so this one is particularly new.


Only a few chapters have been released raws and translated as of now. Will she end up with one of her previous acquaintances or maybe with a new character she meets as Aria who might basically still be a child lol! Will she be able to save Azef, change his fate, while keeping her magic crest a secret at the same time?

Thoughts: This is also a pretty good romance-drama read.Great fiction stories have a way of making the audience feel as if they have travelled to another world, metaphorically speaking.

Isekai manga, however, literally has being transported to a parallel world as its major plot device. The genre has exploded in recent years, with web novels, light novels, anime and manga all flooding the market. Fans have been quick to voraciously eat up new titles, which further encourages the trend to flourish. We explore the top 10 Isekai manga that portray characters spirited away to other worlds. Reincarnated after his death, a mech otaku finds himself in a world where magical robot Silhouette Knights are the pinnacle of warfare.

His cute, androgynous looks belying his maturity and prowess, Eru and his allies explore the world of magic as he proves himself in the trials of becoming the mech pilot he always dreamed to be. Using his experience as a proficient coder gives him a powerful edge in manipulating magic, much to the astonishment of everyone around him. The manga has a light novel series that is at 7 volumes and going, as well as an anime scheduled for Summer After his untimely death in an accident in his previous world, newly reincarnated Shin Wolford is raised from a newborn by adoptive grandfather Merlin.

Merlin begins to train Shin to further his powers, but he quickly surpasses him and begins to grow restless. In the hopes that he will discover his own path in life, Merlin brings the sheltered Shin to the outside world and enrolls him in a prestigious magical academy.

Due to a sheltered upbringing, Shin knows nothing about the outside world. Most of the situations he finds himself in are because he has been used to performing magic at a level that is unheard of in this world, to the astonishment of those around him.

best romance isekai manhwa

Very quickly, he discovers that the skills he uses and items he creates could change the fate of the world. The manga repeatedly makes fun of his embarrassment at being lauded as a messiah for doing what he considers mundane. Although there are some serious moments, the way Shin interacts with his classmates is usually comical, making it a more casual Isekai manga to read. Due to an agreement between his parents and a fickle goddess, high school student Misumi Makoto is sent to another world to fulfill a contract.

A benevolent god, Tsukiyomi, grants Makoto his power in order to survive and prosper in the harsh environment. There, Misumi encounters strong allies and foes on his journey to explore the world and make sense of his being there.

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Misumi has a pretty rough start for a protagonist of an Isekai manga.


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